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Piano Trio

Performers: Wesley Shen (Piano), Aysel Taghi-Zada (Violin), Amahl Arulanandam (Cello)


Harp and Double Bass

Performers: Alexandra Tibbits (harp), Gaspard Daigle (double bass)

Written in 2017 for the Montreal Creative Music Lab

Toy Piano Logo

Soprano, Baritone and Chamber Ensemble

Performers: Maureen Batt (soprano), Jesse Clark (baritone), Tim Crouch (flute), Anthony Thompson (clarinet), Etienne Levesque (percussion), Wesley Shen (piano), Sharon Lee (violin), Adam Scime (double bass), and Pratik Gandhi (conductor)

Written in 2015 for the Toy Piano Composers for their TBA 3 concert

Bassoon, Viola, Piano, Electric Keyboard, Percussion and Bob Ross Sound Board

Performers: Emilie Gélinas-Noble (Viola)Bianca Chambul (bassoon), Jana Luksts (piano), Markéta Ornova (keyboard), Evan Bowen (percussion), James Lowrie (Bob Ross sound board)

                                                                                                                                           Written in 2017 for the Caution Tape Sound Collective for Quintile